I have always been fascinated with the intersection of music and code – visualizers, reactive installations and what artists have been doing with Processing. So, it was equally fascinating to be involved in a new project from multi-faceted, multimedia artist and friend, Thomas Park, also known musically as Mystified. Yenisei Crossing, a generative / iterative experimental sound project (inspired by a dream) using Python coding as the engine, was new territory for both Thomas as well as Spotted Peccary Music.

It was brand new terrain for Thomas (fresh from a stint learning with Launchcode) as he worked to apply his newly-honed programming chops using an innovative approach to processing audio. It was also new for Spotted Peccary, as never before has a project of this kind been released on the label:

The process began with Park curating a large pool of sound sources that he transformed into elements ideal for iterating and mixing. Then the computer took over, layering the loops in different ways to create countless combinations which Park recorded in real time before he assembled the most interesting results into a collection that best fit the dreamlike feeling of his Yenisei Crossing vision.

By using the computer as a generative compositional tool for the first time, Park has broken ground on a new creative process, exploring fresh artistic possibilities where soundscapes are no longer constrained by the direct choices of the artist. The resulting sonic tapestries of Yenisei Crossing are otherworldly and intense, propelling emotions forward on a relentless journey through the illusory landscapes of the mind.


I was honored to work with Thomas on Yenisei Crossing, creating artwork for both physical CD and digital download release, including CD wallet, CD, insert booklet, an iTunes digital booklet and all social media channels.

Yenisei Crossing releases on Spotted Peccary Music on July 24, 2020:

More about Mystified and his discography:

All pieces conceived of, composited and recorded by Thomas Park.
Mastered by Ben Cox at Syndrome Studio
Design by Daniel Pipitone