In a timeless and elegant collaboration, Ambient music veteran Deborah Martin combines her textured soundscapes and sonic tapestries with Jill Haley’s melodic stylings on Oboe and English horn to create a pristine sound-painting with The Silence of Grace.

As a Spotted Peccary Music label founder, Deborah Martin has been making sophisticated Ambient Electronic music for over 35 years, focusing much of her energy on historic places (and people), sacred spaces and taking deep inspiration from her travels through time and space. Jill Haley can often be found as an artist-in-residence at various National Parks, creating compositions and soundscapes inspired by her surroundings.

Like an artist’s watercolor sketchbook, The Silence of Grace is a collection of sacred music, elegantly and carefully constructed by Deborah and Jill to “paint a picture” of their collective experience together in the Pacific Northwest.

It was my pleasure to work with Deborah and Jill on The Silence of Grace, creating artwork for physical CD, digital release and video pieces.

Exploring various locations in the Pacific Northwest, these pioneering artists experienced first-hand the very essence of the natural world; steeped in these remote majestic settings culminated in their crafting colorful musical expressions that weave lush ambient textures and melodies layered together with recordings of Oboe, English horn and various percussion, tenderly revealing passions and emotions emanating forth from those moments


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Produced by Deborah Martin and Jill Haley
Recorded by Deborah Martin at Dreaming Edge Studio, Vancouver WA
Mixed by Matthew Stewart at Dreaming Edge Studio, Vancouver WA
Mastered by Howard Givens at Spotted Peccary Studio NW, Portland OR
Design and layout by Daniel Pipitone
Booklet photos by Deborah Martin, Jill Haley, Christopher Lemmon