When a creative person takes up homebrewing, strange things happen. They discover a new creative outlet that speaks to them in strangely familiar ways. Making something with their hands. Controlling every possible variable to whatever degree they desire. Creating art in a new medium. Something all-consuming happens – it takes a distinct shape and form – and every aspect of it is a reflection of its persona and aesthetic.

Straw Bale Brewing is that personal project for me – a makers dream of what “could be” – form given to the unlikely idea that Straw Bale Brewing might one day lived a life beyond the basement. These days, one never knows.

The idea:

Straw Bale Brewing is centered on the idea that “simple,” “local,” and “quality” can all coexists in ways that benefit the maker, consumer and ultimately local economies.

Straw Bale Brewing focuses on doing things in ways that would be beneficial to our community if they were being done on a larger scale. Ingredients are sourced as local as possible or grown in the back yard gardens. Excess water used for brewing is captured and reused for cleaning. Spent grain from brewing is used in homemade breads, soap and fed to chickens. To Straw Bale Brewing, staying locally-focused and making things with care is not only better for us as makers and consumers, but is also more delicious.


As a brand, Straw Bale Brewing has a rustic personality, with a consistent warm and farm-friendly voice. Each product flirts with concepts that seem to jump from the pages of the Farmers Almanac, with both a nod to tradition and a modern reinterpretation of age-old ideas.

The type figures used in the Straw Bale Brewing mark (and display type on labels) were digitized by the folks at Bearded Studio – straight from their letterpress. These were printed using wood type, which lends a classic and timeless character and a layer of interesting texture. Thanks, guys! (check out the Wood Type Revival website to keep up with the Beardeds while they secure the future wood type)