Electronic music veteran Craig Padilla and electric guitar virtuoso Marvin Allen team up once again for their second collaboration on the Spotted Peccary Music label, Strange Gravity. Continuing the journey that began with Toward The Horizon, Strange Gravity follows who’s now become known as the “Umbrella Girl” on her search through sideways lands and tilted cityscapes for humanity, or friendship, or compassion, or the place she belongs, or…?

Working with Craig and Marvin has been a unique musical / visual collaboration in many ways – in that they’ve trusted me with shaping the “story” of their trilogy very much by improvisation. As they share new music with me, I work to visualize what I hear and the story emerges – rather than the other way around. The results are a bit like flipping through a storybook, wondering what’s next as listeners and onlookers peek around the corners to see what the “Umbrella Girl” will discover next. Nobody knows.

Strange Gravity envelops the listener and pulls them into the saga with hypnotic, dreamy swirling electronics, pulsing synthesizers, soaring guitars, and hypnotic rhythms. Space rock at its finest.

Read more about Strange Gravity and Toward The Horizon in the artists’ own words here. Thanks to Robin James for writing about it.

“Besides the usual melodic, ambient, and Berlin School influences of the past, Marvin influences the way that I create ideas for our collaboration. And the artwork of “The Adventures of the Umbrella Girl” created by Daniel Pipitone, continues to be influential to both of us when we are creating musical ideas to continue the story of this person and the fabulous world she discovers.”


Strange Gravity released on Spotted Peccary music on January 15, 2020:

More about Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen and their discography:

All music composed, performed, and produced by Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen
Recorded and mixed by Craig Padilla
Mastered by Ben Cox at Syndrome Studio
Design by Daniel Pipitone
Artwork inspired by original imagery by Hannah May and Melodee Padilla