From nine to five, I spend my work days sifting through a pretty complex pile of projects in the corporate space, focused on designing fairly large-scale systems, networks of websites, corporate branding, UX / UI work, and the like. During some evenings and weekends, however, I get to play on the opposite end of the spectrum – way opposite. Working as a partner with Spotted Peccary music is like, “washing my brain.”

To be completely honest – being part of the Spotted Peccary music label has been one long-term “designer’s dream” for me. Not only do I get to play a role in getting music from a roster of talented artists to market, but I also get to have a hand in deciding the visual artistic direction of virtually every one of the projects.

I am also responsible for the creative direction and production of our label website, which becomes the marquee under which all of these beautiful projects reside.

After a long wait, we’ve finally revamped our entire site from the ground up – with full e-commerce functionality, increased responsiveness for all devices, all the polish and shine deserving of our artists and on a brand new platform that allows us endless flexibility. And all in time to help us celebrate our 30 year anniversary!

Feast your eyes (and ears).