A senior global microprocessor marketing executive and a music educator decide to start a real estate investment company. Every great story begins this way, right?

After a combined 45 years of business and education experience came together, Schuth & Pipitone LLC resulted to invest in communities where there was opportunity for improvement. Maybe it’s the smallest house on the nicest street. Maybe one or two needed improvements to help an entire community rise just a bit. Maybe a multi-unit rental property investment presents itself.

From our upfront branding assessment, we learned this about their goals:

This business is about helping people. On the rental side, it provides a nice home for a new family who could not otherwise qualify for or afford a loan. On the residential rehabilitation and sale of property, it’s about revitalizing neighborhoods one home at a time.

Remodeling a home makes it new again. It not only increases the value of the home but it increases the value of the homes around it and comparable properties in the area. Further, this business has a positive effect on the local economy by providing work for realtors, contractors, sub-contractors, and all of the people that work for them.


While this notion may seem obvious, and even considered “pedestrian” today given the number of home remodeling and “flip it” shows on television, for Schuth & Piptione LLC, this idea remained at the core of their focused, uncomplicated motivation: To invest in their community in the simplest of ways and at an essential level. In the homes of the people who live there. 

To help them get there, work was done on a basic identity and set of standards to get them up and running.


Working with Daniel to set up our business identity was great experience. He ensured we were thinking how the company may evolve and how this should be represented through our emerging identity. Daniel’s straightforward process helped us solidify our overall business strategy for the newly-formed company. With just a company overview, he was quickly able to send proposals for review. We chose our direction and he was easily able to translate our need for “warm” colors into the perfect representative palette. Daniel’s professional process created a business identity that exactly represents our goals and is one we can carry well into the future.