For every designer who has ever married, it’s well known we can’t bear the thought of walking through the doors at one of those stationery stores to <GASP> order pre-made invitations and RSVPs!

It’s simply against our principles.

Truly one of the most challenging and rewarding projects for me to date, our wedding invitations were indeed a labor of love–and one worth every minute. Working closely with my wife, formally trained as a writer, we carefully crafted the set of materials working backwards from a fairly complex set of requirements.


Our wedding was actually a pair of gatherings, both in different locales. While both could be separated easily into two unique events, the guest lists overlapped. Materials for our guests were created in subsets and color coded based on to which event the recipients were invited.

Picking up on an aesthetic and concept based on a handmade journal given as a gift to my wife some years earlier, “Beauty” became the theme. Poetry and textural patterns of Victorian styled vines and leaves, colored in terracotta and deep purples throughout carried the look across an entire suite of materials.

Travel and accommodation information cards, RSVPs, and slip sheets with a general announcement were in each package, wrapped in a colored carrier and finished with a translucent envelope for mailing.

The result was an emotional piece the recipients could immediately connect with, right out of the mailbox.