Like all great stories, “it all started with a phone call.” After trying to reach someone in the Mt. Lebanon Commercial Districts Office about the status of a vacant building in my neighborhood, the call took a unusual turn. What began as a call placed by a concerned resident about an empty storefront quickly turned to conversation about a mutual love for craft beer. From there, Mt Lebanon Commercial District director Eric Milliron, Jr and I were far off on a dozen or so tangents as we discovered we had mutual friends, common business connections and shared a similar perspective on everything from locavorism, farm-to-table and travelling the Pacific Northwest in search of craft beer heaven.

We agreed to meet and talk about how we might be able to work together and do some good things in our neighborhood, which, as it turned out, was perfect timing since Eric was looking for some help with the upcoming Uptown Mt Lebanon Farmers Market season.


Working with Eric, I created a series of posters for putting up in local merchant storefronts featuring a blend of farm-style kitch and vintage woodcut illustration. This was set off by the use of expertly crafted vintage typefaces from Bearded’s Wood Type Revival collection. The artwork has made its way onto the windows of most businesses and municipal buildings in the Mt Lebanon neighborhood, sidewalk sandwichboards, digital display screens in local stores and apparently some folks’ kitchen walls! How about that for some local love?







IMG_1184  IMG_1185