It has truly been a pleasure to continue working with the Sisters of the Holy Spirit, who’s community makes its home in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, PA.

Martina Spiritual Renewal Center is a ministry of the Sisters of the Holy Spirit, and offers a restful place of retreat for individuals and groups seeking growth or refreshment in their spiritual life. “Come and be at peace” is the only call to action required at MSRC.

“come apart and rest awhile”
– Martina Spiritual Renewal Center

With plenty of community-related programming and event information already available from the Sisters of the Holy Spirit on their corporate website, the Martina Spiritual Renewal Center needed a web presence of their own to communicate the schedule of retreats available at MSRC – separate and distinct from that of the SHS community. On the site are also donation and support opportunities, through direct giving, as well as a “wishlist.”

A printed calendar was also developed – an extension of the website – which highlights the programming schedule and directs users to the MSRC website for online registration and detailed information.

(Photography by Joey Kennedy featured throughout)