Laura Roman is a psychotherapist / hypnotherapy who is passionately results-focused. She uses an integrative mind–body approach to help trauma clients heal, helping them to replace automatic, defensive reactions to threats and fear with more productive responses. She also treats a broad spectrum of children, adults and couples, helping them overcome challenges, manage weight, quit smoking and improve their overall wellness.

Her identity highlights her practice’s unique approach to treatment – helping each client uniquely embrace their strengths, discard their limitations, solve their problems and live more successfully.


As a brand new practice with a limited operating budget, Laura Roman needed to focus her efforts carefully – first on an identity and and extending it to a brochure and business paper system and holding off on larger branding initiatives until costs can be recovered. By keeping expenses low and production simple, I helped her practice get off the ground while allowing them the breathing room to redirect much of their start-up capital to other much needed expenditures.