Oregon-based composer Jeffrey Ericson Allen’s 5th release for Spotted Peccary Music and 9th as Chronotope Project, Gnosis, explores the connection between the composer’s two life passions: music and philosophy.

Inspired by the ancient Greek philosophers he’d studied in his twenties, Jeffrey found music in Plato’s inquiries; he saw in philosophical paradoxes the push-and-pull of musical counterpoint, the tension and release of dissonance and resolution. On Gnosis, Chronotope Project uses his signature jazz and classical-inflected progressive ambient sound to portray the greatest philosophical inquiry of all: a quest for knowledge.

Having worked together on previous projects, it was my pleasure to work with Jeffrey again on Gnosis, creating artwork for physical CD, digital release and video pieces.

This quest is painted with a wide array of styles: deep drones and ambient textures, classical counterpoint and driving polyrhythms, atonal sound painting and unabashed romanticism.


More about Chronotope Project and his discography:

All music produced, composed, performed and mixed by Jeffrey Ericson Allen
Mastered by Howard Givens at Spotted Peccary Studio NW, Portland OR
Design and video by Daniel Pipitone