Full Of Life is composer and guitarist John Gregorius’ third release on Spotted Peccary, and offers 12 tracks that range from sun-drenched melody, to emotional atmospheres and moody elegance, deeply inspired by the his relocation from Southern California to the Sonoran Desert of Arizona.

Following up on the collaboration John and I completed with his previous release, Still Voice, I am lucky enough to work with him again on Full Of Life, creating artwork for both physical CD and digital download release, including CD wallet, CD, insert booklet, an iTunes digital booklet and all social media channels.

“I have found the desert to be a deeply spiritual place…The solitude, openness, resilience, mystery and life in spite of the sometimes harsh and difficult landscape, leads one to contemplation of a bigger meaning and understanding our true selves. This meditation of creation and Creator is the unifying color and design of this recording. My hope is that it brings a sense of being awake and alive…Full of Life.


Full Of Life released on Spotted Peccary Music on April 24, 2020:

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All music written, recorded and mixed by John Gregorius
Mastered by Howard Givens
Design by Daniel Pipitone