Regarding Horizon, the third collaboration between Frore & Shane Morris, two things are for sure – 1: music is exceptionally powerful when it can evoke a clear sense of place, and 2: I never thought I would be part of a project that featured an Aztec Death Whistle – but here I am.

On Horizon, Frore (aka Paul Casper) and Shane Morris blend organic, electronic sounds and fuse together ambient synthesizers, tribal percussion and traditional instruments such as Navajo flute, fujara and the aforementioned Aztec death whistle. You can almost smell the dry, parched cracked earth of the petroglyph-dotted desert – at the horizon line where it meets the azure-blue sky.

It was my pleasure to collaborate with Paul and Shane once again on Horizon, creating artwork for physical CD, digital release and video pieces.

As tribal rhythms entrance the listener, ethereal synthesizers enrapture with the thrill of the unknown, with the promise of discovery—to capture perfectly the essence of the horizon: the place where earth meets the sky.


Lost in Wonder features ambient guitar treatments from Dirk Serries (of Vidna Obmana fame), one of the exceptional collaborators joining Frore & Shane Morris on Horizon.

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About Horizon:

The Eye of Everything
Shane Morris: Frame Drum, Shakers, Bullhorn
Paul Casper: Analog / Digital Synths, Drum Machines, Guitar, Sample Manipulations, Arrangement, Mixing

Mark Seelig: Bansuri
Shane Morris: Udus, Bells
Paul Casper: Analog / Digital and Modular Synths, Drones, Arrangement, Mixing

Shane Morris: Udus, Cymbals, Donkey Jaw, Talking Drum, Rattle
Paul Casper: Analog / Digital and Modular Synths, Drum Machines, Bass Ocarina, Overtone Flute, Sequencing, Sample Manipulations, Arrangement, Mixing

Lost in Wonder
Dirk Serries: Guitar
Shane Morris: Vibraphone and Gong
Paul Casper: Digital and Modular Synths, Fujara, Arrangement, Mixing

Ocean of Fire
Byron Metcalf: Frame Drum
Shane Morris: Udus, Chau Gong, Rain Stick
Paul Casper: Analog / Digital and Modular Synths, Drum Machines, Navajo Flute, Aztec Death Flute, Sample Manipulations, Arrangement, Mixing

Mastered by Ben Cox at Syndrome Studio
Design and video by Daniel Pipitone