eRAD is a technology company, first and foremost, and part of the RadNet family of business units. They provide a massive set of tools to the radiology industry, focused on refining, optimizing and securing all aspects of imaging workflow, including – but not limited to – RIS and PACS technology.

A design challenge of posed shortly after joining RadNet was to redefine eRAD’s web presence, offering a cleaner, more refined experience within the framework of their existing web platform. With a more refined look and feel and the newly-designed RadNet Corporate website – we begin to see a “unified voice” taking shape for RadNet’s business units online. Points of connection are now common among the RadNet “family” of sites, within the headers, footers and with the use of a cohesive color palette, typography treatment and shared design elements. While each has its unique personality (and some are even on different technology platforms), they share strong consistency.