As a music label, Lotuspike (Spotted Peccary) answers the question — Does anyone even produce CDs anymore? In the same way artisans and other people who take their product seriously enough to still do things a certain way for their audience, Spotted Peccary publishes music for critical listening for those who care about craft. While releases are distributed digitally through various outlets, Spotted Peccary continues to sell all releases on traditional CD media with Digipak cases.

As a founding partner in Lotuspike, now part of Spotted Peccary music, I have been part of finding and distributing music of the highest caliber with care and attention to every detail since 2004. We try and maintain an elevated level of quality with every aspect of each release, from working closely with the artists and mastering the audio ourselves to designing and producing all artwork. Each package design is considered a direct and meaningful reflection of the music contained within, and it’s with that in mind that we continue to thoughtfully craft each release as a work of art on behalf of the artist.

EPOCH is a release by Shane Morris & Thomas Park of Mystified and is a deep and immersive soundscape reminiscent of a time when humans were absent from the landscape. The original photography used was taken by Jourdan Laik.

From the liner notes:

Each part evokes an era of time when the earth was populated by dinosaurs, resurrecting the massive size of these creatures, and their tremendous, graceful movements