Working directly and closely with the artist, Ben Cox, I was responsible for translating his musical vision across the packaging and artwork for his debut CD, On Water on the Spotted Peccary music label (Formerly lotuspike).

Artists Statement:
“The music on this album rejects the notion that music must make a narrative statement, and instead embraces the idea of music as an organized sonic experience. These pieces are not portraits; they are rather landscapes or still-lifes.”

Ben Cox has been a musician for twenty-five years and a recording engineer for fifteen years. His lifelong interest in music has taken many forms over time, from playing trumpet in jazz bands to singing bass in an informal renaissance music group. His interest in electronic music follows from interest in experimentation with musical formal structures, metrical and rhythmic complexity, and the wide sonic palettes made possible by electronic instruments and electronic manipulation of acoustic sound sources. His musical works reflect these interests, and have been heard in television and radio advertisements, installation projects, and at trade shows, in locations ranging from Indiana to Australia.