As a designer, I have an important responsibility.

Never before has my role in shaping my surroundings been as important as it is today. No longer can the impact I have be measured solely by how my work looks, or how clearly it communicates to one intended audience.

Today, designers are ethnographers. We are agents of change and cultural architects. We provide navigation for the most complex of interactions. We are creators of social awareness and amplifiers of our political voices. Our way of thinking is a valuable new commodity, even across the blurred lines that once divided many disciplines.

We are asked to guide, consult and innovate while being cost-conscious, efficient and timely. We are expected to inform, improve and rebuild while we are also called on to be pragmatic, sustainable and green.

To be a designer today is to take on the responsibility of proving our value by seeking knowledge and understanding needed to solve creative problems, regardless of medium.

For me, doing this in a socially responsible way is what gives the work purpose and value.

I promise to do the following:

  • I promise to place people before profit.
  • I will remain aware and sensitive to how I represent myself to my clients, my colleagues and my profession.
  • I reject labels and constraints that may limit my ability to contribute in other disciplines.
  • I will always consider why my work is important.
  • I will look for opportunities to support and give of my time and talent to affect social change.
  • I choose greater impact over greater profit.
  • I fully accept the responsibility I have as a designer.