Started in 2009,

10% Time is my continued commitment to giving away a portion of my time (10%) to those who need it.

Designers have a responsibility. If we don’t put aside profit margins and pitch in to help do some good, we fall short of proving our full value. If we consider the value of design thinking and what it can do for others – and fail to give it freely – we miss out on the opportunity to make things better. There are many who need help, and as designers it’s our responsibility to seek them out and lend a hand. We think in ways others won’t. We have specialized skills others don’t. It’s our imperative.


% of my total project load as work given away for free


% of my total time spent on work given away for free


% of average non-profit budget not spent on design*

* Source: Nonprofit Consulting Essentials: What Nonprofits and Consultants Need to Know By Penelope Cagne. (Alliance for Nonprofit Management)

As a designer, I am increasingly aware of where I stand in relation to the problems around me. I cannot stand idly by when I know I can help. There are organizations and individuals around me doing important work that desperately need assistance. Many of them are in difficult positions or are working with limited resources, and are often organizations providing critical services to those they serve.

Put simply, we need these organizations to thrive, and I have committed 10% of my time to helping them do just that. And I will do it for free.

Here are some answers to the most common questions I get regarding 10% Time:

A: How can I not?

While times may be tough for me and people like me, they are certainly more difficult for social services organizations, non profits and those who dedicate themselves to making a difference. They operate with modest resources and with staff who are responsible for wearing all the hats.

A: No. Spec work is evil and wrong.

Spec work, or “speculative work” is work done prior to engagement with a client in anticipation of being paid. I share the same stance on Spec Work as AIGA, the professional association for design, which is that it marginalizes the skills of trained professionals and degrades the value of the work done – and is ultimately harmful to our discipline.

Because10% Time projects are carefully selected and expectations are made clear, the work is not done in the hopes of being paid. It’s done for free. Period.

A: I offer the same range of services for 10% Time projects that I do for paying clients.
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Strategic Communication Materials
  • Creative Direction
  • Corporate Marketing Materials
  • Marketing and Promotional Campaign Development
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Non-profit
  • Not-for-profit
  • NGO
  • Charitable organization
  • A small business or organization that relies on external funding for sustaining support
  • An organization trying to maximize your limited resources to provide a critical service to the public

Past 10% Time recipients include:

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10% Time submissions are currently closed for 2023.

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