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Project Description

Working with Novaurora, I acted as design lead for the creation of a web acquisition point for a fresh new iPhone app, Proximi.

Like some other iPhone apps, the premise is simple – allow iPhone users to leverage the location-based services on their handsets to find each others’ locations in proximity to one another.

Proximi had one feature, though, that immediately set them apart from the others. Privacy. You want to be located…but not found. Not precisely anyway.

Providing users a platform to instantly get status on every contact on their list and to add, invite and meet up all from a single screen, while keeping a private rationale like, “your friend is now 2 miles away – invite them to lunch?” is their value proposition.

Proximi is an exciting venture based in California that is changing the way iPhone users think about productivity and social networking through their innovative iPhone apps.

Along with Proximi, they also produce MagicPad, the first rich text editor for the iPhone, available through the iPhone App Store.

(things move fast in Silicon Valley)

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