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Project Description

All Foreign Auto Parts is a small family-run used auto parts supplier with a big online business. With a very successful eBay storefront, All Foreign has managed to build a very strong national reputation as a quality  parts resource — with experience and reliability — especially among their commercial customers, including dealers and collision shops.

With a built-in dependency on a third party database and inventory provider, All Foreign Auto Parts needed to approach their site redesign carefully. Taking into account the limitations on their functionality, technology requirements and their connection to their inventory system, we worked together to build an “acquisition point” for those wanting to search for parts using their tools.

Because their database / inventory provider imposed strict restrictions on technology that could be used on their server, I provided All Foreign with a minimal number of pages that functioned as a portal to their third-party-hosted search mechanism. The homepage needed to do most of the work, and all interface elements and navigational items were built using CSS and a lightweight jQuery gallery, as well as a XML-fed flash widget to pull in new sale items from their eBay storefront.



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