I am a designer,

husband, father and I feel deeply responsible for doing the right kind of work.

I am a visual designer, working in pixelsprint, and other spaces. Specializing in branding, identity and creative direction, I help clients communicate consistently, on-brand and in a unified voice – delivering on their promise.

0+ years
of experience

How I spend my days:

Design for the web 65%
UI / UX Work
CSS Work 47%
Packaging 40%
Design for Print 33%
Environmental 25%

I have spent my 20 year career working for small and large design firms, as part of traditional agencies, on in-house teams and working in a variety of creative and management roles.

In my experience, integrity and reputation is as critical as my skillset. I have worked hard to keep my standards high in all my work. The best proof I have is the trust of my clients and co-workers.


Speaking of skillset: